With over 40 years experience supervising the processing of more than 75,000 residential real estate transactions in the GTA, and a growing network of 11 Toronto Area Law Offices, Stephen Shub and his dedicated team of over 20 professionals are the perfect choice when considering legal representation for your residential real estate transaction, whether buying, selling or refinancing a residence in Southern Ontario

Our professional philosophy is to make your closing as stress-free as possible, from the moment you get your legal cost quotation from our office to the moment your deal closes.  Accessibility, convenience and efficiency are our top priorities when taking care of you and your real estate closings.

What Makes Us Different


We believe that before hiring any lawyer, it is wise to insist that the lawyer first provide your legal costs in writing, so you can reasonably anticipate your expenses. We provide you with an online instant quotation for any residential purchase or sale price up to $5 million and we shall always keep you informed if there are any changes to your legal fees due to special circumstances, so you will never be surprised!


At our law offices, we understand how frustrating it can be to be met with voicemail boxes and answering services, especially when it is concerning such a major transaction like the purchase or sale of your home. Our team of 20 values personal phone service, and our telephone lines are answered personally to 11 pm, 7 days a week to take care of all of your concerns!


It is our philosophy that no one should ever need to take off work to sign their closing documents when completing a real estate transaction.  With our 11 conveniently located GTA Area Law Offices, and our extended hours in the evenings and weekends in our main office, we shall always find a time that best fits your schedule!


We understand that Toronto is a rich and culturally diverse city, and not everyone speaks English as their first language.  Therefore, our offices provide services in multiple languages. We believe that legal services should be accessible to all, regardless of language spoken and we are happy to accommodate any language requests to the best of our abilities.


With over 40 years experience working in Toronto’s residential real estate market, Stephen Shub’s expertise and professional reputation are unmatched.  We believe that real estate transactions are the most significant transactions one will make in their lifetime, and you should want the services of an expert who will look out for your best interests.  Our personal commitment is to you, we are honored to provide you excellent personal service at a reasonable cost.