Until recently, in Ontario, only purchasers of a residence could obtain title insurance at the time of closing a home purchase. HOWEVER, as of now, all EXISTING OWNERS can obtain the same title insurance protection as a purchase, including coverage against title frauds or forgeries, as well as a variety of other matters affecting title.  Coverage provided is equal to the assessed value of the insured property at the time title insurance is ordered.  As the property value increases, the coverage will also increase up to double the face amount of the original policy. TITLE INSURANCE is a NO-FAULT  insurance with NO DEDUCTIBLE.  It is a one time only investment that covers all future years of ownership of a particular residence.  It does NOT require annual renewals as is typical for all other types of insurance. The policy covers the homeowner’s quality of title, protecting against losses or damages that might be suffered as a result of unknown liens, including frauds and forgeries that might arise in the chain of title, both before and after the policy has been issued. Although several insurance companies have title insurance policy programs, the Law Offices of Stephen H Shub are pleased to recommend to all of our clients the PLATINUM INSURANCE POLICY  by First Canadian Title Insurance Company.  Our confidence in First Canadian’s Platinum Title Policy is greatest due to this company’s strong status as one of the largest Canadian title insuring companies with one of the highest available insurance company ratings and substantial local Canadian infrastructure.   They are quick and efficient in the issuance of policies as well as the processing of any claims. TO ORDER TITLE INSURANCE AS AN EXISTING OWNER: If you would like to protect the title of your home with the Platinum Insurance Policy, please complete the attached EXISTING OWNER TITLE INSURANCE ORDER FORM and return to our office either by email, fax or in person at any of our Law Offices.  When submitting the completed order form, please also include a copy of your most recent property tax bill, as well as the front page of your Transfer/Deed or Mortgage document for the property you would like title insured. ESTIMATED COSTS OF TITLE INSURANCE
Services Fees
First Canadian Title Insurance Premium for value under $500,000.00 (Add an additional $100 +PST per $100,000.00 if valued over $500,000.00) $200.00 + PST
Subsearch and Disbursements $45.00
Legal Fee $375.00