Here are the FOUR questions you should always consider when choosing a lawyer to handle your residential real estate transaction:

  • If the answer is less than 90%, keep looking for a new lawyer!
  • The purchase and sale of your home is one of the most important transactions you will make, and you deserve a lawyer who is specialized in handling residential real estate.
  • Concentrating fully on residential real estate means our staff is 100% dedicated to completing your deal and we are experienced in handling any issues that may arise.
  • It is our philosophy that you should never be surprised by your legal costs on closing.
  • When shopping for a lawyer to handle your real estate transaction, it is always wise to get a quotation IN WRITING so you are aware of the various costs associated with transferring a property.
  • Legal quotations should include the fees for: processing appropriate documents, title search disbursements, arranging a Platinum Title Insurance policy, obtaining sheriff’s certificates, municipal clearances, Law Society levy and various miscellaneous costs, including couriers. 
  • The Law Society of Ontario requires all lawyers, when acting for the purchasers, to inform their clients about the advantages of obtaining Title Insurance
  • Some lawyers will only order Title Insurance if there are concerns about inadequate surveys or a question of title.
  • HOWEVER, Title Insurance has multiple advantages and is a wise investment when purchasing a property. 
  • To learn MORE about the advantages of Title Insurance, please click HERE
  • Land Registry Offices across Ontario now allow for documents to be registered electronically, rather than in person at the Land Registry Office
  • This has many advantages for clients, particularly the ability to avoid waiting in long line ups at the Land Registry Office, meaning the transaction will complete earlier and clients can get their keys (for purchasers) or funds (for vendors) sooner.
  • If the lawyer you are considering is not registering their documents ELECTRONICALLY, they are not the lawyer for you!